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Available Dogs

Knight - available for Adoption only


Name: Knight

Breed: Labrador Retriever

AKC Reg #: SS19989307

D.O.B.: 7/23/2020

Sex: Male      Altered: No (neuter contract)

Health Testing: PRA-prcd (2 copies)

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Knight is very active, crate trained (but requires a special crate), current on his vaccines, and will be adopted on a neuter contract. Knight knows some basic obedience but will need training with his new family. He is confident, friendly with most other dogs he has met, will chase cats but should be trainable with dog savvy cat homes. Knight has a genetic marker that means later in life his vision might be impacted. For this we are looking for a special home for Knight, someone who will be able to keep life stable for him if he develops vision loss. He would enjoy a dog friend in his new home or an active family! Knight really enjoys spending time outside in the play yard sniffing, chewing up sticks, chasing toys, and goofing off. It will take Knight some time to transition to being loose inside a home (learning what is a toy and what is not!) but he is a very clean dog inside the kennel and his crate. We are happy to provide Knight's new family with some complimentary training to help!


DHPP good until 10/6/2023

Bordetella good until 10/6/2023

Rabies good until 11/27/2024

Heartworm & Flea/Tick Prevention due the 1st of every month

Pixel - Adopted!!!


Name: Pixel

Breed: Labrador Retriever

D.O.B.: 11/21/2020

Sex: Female   Altered: Yes/Spayed

Pixel is a career change dog. She was in training for service work however after her spay procedure areas that she had some work through with during puppy fear periods become triggers for anxiety. These include mostly small shopping areas and stores. Most of the areas Pixel struggles with are small cafes, small downtown areas, sudden movements, and certain noises (diesel motors and air brakes on trucks).

Pixel has been raised around elementary aged children who are respectful of dogs, other dog friendly dogs, and cats who are dog savvy. She is neutral with most livestock but would likely need training or direct supervision with chickens or small animals (rabbits, rodents). She still does great on rides, visiting larger stores such as Petsmart, Lowe's, Tractor Supply, and parks.

Pixel has good obedience skills but should be worked on leash in areas not safe for dogs to be off leash in case she becomes nervous or startles. She would likely pass the AKC CGC but this would be dependent on the test items used for distractions. Due to knowing she is not stable with certain distractions I would not evaluate her for a CGC title as she would not handle the distractions that could be included. Pixel does very well for general handling (ear cleanings, baths, and nail Dremel) and has been good with meeting new people.


It is very possible Pixel would do well as a dog capable of providing psychiatric service dog tasks in-home with NO public access. She was trained for DPT, interrupting repetitive behaviors, anxiety alert, and item retrieval. She is not likely to be able to work as a therapy dog due to the underlying nervousness post-spay. Behavior modification and follow up training can over time offer some improvement.


DHPP good until 8/23/2023

Bordetella good until 8/3/2023

Rabies good until 4/8/2025

Heartworm & Flea/Tick due on the 1st of every month.

Quest - Sold!

Quest Profile Picture.jpg

Name: Quest

Breed: Labrador Retriever

AKC Reg #: SS19992809

D.O.B.: 7/22/2020

Sex: Male   Altered: No

Embark - clear

View Quest's Embark Health Profile Here

Quest is a high ball and high food drive dog! He is great with people and loves to work and train! We had hoped that Quest would provide some different lines to our service dog breeding program however he is a bit "strong" around other dogs when it comes to food, treats, his crate, and toys. This resource guarding means that he is not going to be able to join our breeding program for service work. At this time Quest has only ever resource guarded towards dogs and has not shown any resource guarding towards a person.

However there are many other areas where Quest excels! Again he has been very friendly with people when out on field trips and working. Quest's high drive would make him an excellent addition to a sport or detection program. Quest has started obedience training and does very well staying focused while working for food or toys. He does great riding in the car and out in public dog friendly areas.


Plus he has already passed his Embark testing. Both of his parents OFAs were Good Hips and Normal Elbows so he should do well with any remaining health testing. However he will not be sold with a health guarantee beyond what his current results and his parent health testing provides.


DHPP good until 10/6/2023

Bordetella good until 10/6/2023

Rabies good until 11/27/2024

Heartworm & Flea/Tick Prevention due on the 1st of every month

Contact Krystal for more information!

Iduna - Sold!!

Iduna Dock Diving 9_22.jpg

Name: Iduna

Breed: Labrador Retriever

D.O.B.: 3/23/2020

Sex: Female    Altered: No

Health Testing: PRA2 carrier - not affected

Click Here to View Iduna's Embark Profile


We were hoping to bring Iduna into our breeding program but she has extremely high ball drive that exceeds what we look for in service dog candidates. She could possibly be a great addition to a hunting or detection program. Loves to hunt for the ball or bump! While she has started some basic obedience she has not been extensively worked. Iduna does love the water and has practiced but not competed in dock diving. She LOVES it! Very active girl, crate trained, current on vaccines, intact (never bred) can go on a spay contract, food drive, loves to work, enjoys spending time with her people! She can be a bit dog selective. She has never been in an altercation but will correct a nosey, pushy dog or puppy! Very high drive and would not recommend in a home with cats or birds (loose chickens included).


DHPP good until 10/6/2023

Bordetella good until 10/6/2023

Rabies good until 7/10/2024

Heartworm & Flea/Tick prevention due on the 1st of every month

Avalon - Adoption or poss. program


Name: Avalon

Breed: Labrador Retriever

AKC Reg #: SS20234409

D.O.B.: 7/29/2020

Sex: Female   Altered: No

Avalon is a very sweet girl! While Avalon would likely be a great addition to our breeding program she can sometimes be a tad bit shy of new experiences. Avalon loves to be loved on! If you are looking for a cuddle bug or a dog that wants to be with you as much as possible this girl will be with you every moment! Ok, she does enjoy smelling the roses, and romping through the yard. Plus she has some great doggie girlfriends so she is happy to socialize with other friendly pups as long as they aren't too pushy.

Plus Avalon enjoys a good game of fetch and rides well in the car! She would rather stay with you than drag you around to greet everyone else so please help her boundaries be respected! Avalon has done well with slightly older kids but babies or toddlers could be intimidating for her. This may mean she would be needing a slow and gentle transition or separate quiet space for her to not be tugged on or crawled over.

Avalon knows some basic obedience and is clean and comfortable in her crate. She will sometimes chew up bedding in the crate and may need some help with learning how to let you know she needs to go out to potty in a larger house or space.

Avalon is fairly low to medium energy and small for a lab. However she would still make an energetic partner for walks, hikes, or routine activities! Avalon would likely do ok in a home with cats but would need to be evaluated in a home with smaller animals or birds.

View Avalon's Embark Profile Here

EIC carrier - not affected

Avalon has not had her OFA elbows or hips evaluated. She does not appear to have any physical issues however we would recommend having OFA or PennHip done prior to having Avalon bred or becoming part of a breeding program.


DHPP good until 10/6/2023

Bordetella good until 10/6/2023

Rabies good until 11/27/2024


Heartworm & Flea/Tick prevention due on the 1st of every month.

Adopted Dogs

Dogs who have found their forever homes!

It is always difficult to say goodbye to any dog we have spent so much time with. However the joy of knowing the wonderful lives these dogs are now living and the families they have is worth it! Wonderful adopters have stepped up and given these pups a loving second chance to enjoy life due to a career change, retirement, or becoming in need of rescue.

Thank you to all their loving adopters!

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