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Our Program Service Dogs start at $500/month for custom training with a $2,500 deposit.  Contact Us for more information about one of these amazing dogs!


DOB: 3/23/2020


Yellow Labrador Retriever

Olaf is available as a service dog.  He has already started training and is showing amazing promise as a psychiatric service dog.  Depending on his size Olaf may qualify as a light mobility dog as well.  Olaf loves to play and is a very motivated pup!  He is athletic and enjoys going out new places, spending time with family, and playing with the other dogs here at BRC.  Contact us ASAP if you are looking for a PSD.  Olaf should be completing his training and earn his certification as a SD from BRC late 2021/early 2022.

Sven  - SOLD
DOG: 3/23/2020
Labrador Retriever
Starting at $2,500
Sven has been an excellent student, he is crate trained and beginning his obedience training.  This boy has a lot of fun and loves to play.  His higher drive to play has led us to decide to offer him to a companion home.  He has been around kids, other dogs, and chickens.  Lots of social skills and up to date on all his vaccines.  Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet this incredible lab pup!
Red Brown Collage Dogs Rescue Awareness

All Puppies from our "Trolls World Tour" litter have been SOLD.

Poppy has been sold but our handsome boys are still available!  Don't wait to reserve one of our young dogs.  Their training has already started.  Riff will be available to a companion home and Branch is beginning his training as a service dog and is available!

Riff is a chocolate Labrador Retriever born 4/21/2020 who is available to a companion home.  He has started crate and obedience training.  This love bug will not be available for long.  Remember his price only goes up with more training.  Contact us today to meet his handsome boy!
Starting at $1,750 - SOLD


Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever


DOB: 4/5/2019

$2,000 SOLD

Lila is current on all vaccinations and is microchipped.  She is being trained by Krystal and Rebecca for manners, obedience, and beginning service dog work.  Lila is crate trained and doing very well with house training.  She knows her name, sit, down, come, and heel at the puppy stage.  Lila enjoys playing with the other dogs and puppies.  She is still getting used to swimming and is practicing some puppy agility.  Lila loves to go on field trips to pet stores and parks.  We expect great things out of Lila as this sweet girl continues with her training.

Lila is working with her new handler on advanced obedience and will be beginning her specialized training as a diabetic alert dog.

Elske Hunder av Sandvik CGC, CGCA, RN

Female (spayed) Labrador Retriever

DOB: 11/18/2015

$7,500 SOLD

Elske is now working full time with her new handler as a PSD.  She is enjoying her new routine accompanying her handler every where she goes and enabling her handler the freedom to start living life to its fullest again!


Elske is a fully trained psychiatric service dog.  She has earned her Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, and Rally Novice titles.  In addition she has passed Blue Ridge Canine's rigorous public access test.


Elske knows all of her basic obedience including sit, down, stand, stay, heel, come, wait, load, off, up, under, fetch, bark, bed, go potty, back, fetch, paws up, leave it, and drop it.  Her service tasks include get phone, deep pressure therapy, grounding, interrupting skin picking and scratching, interrupting crying episodes.


Elske has been exposed to a variety of environments including doctors offices, ambulance rides, emergency rooms, parks, farm animals, movie theaters, restaurants,  festivals, aquariums, beaches, malls, and numerous other areas.

Check out Elske's YouTube Channel here.