Bjorn Von Der Farm
Belgian Malinois
DOB: 6/3/2019
Male, intact
Cost: $2,500 w/ breeding contract (1 breeding)

50% of the cost will be donated if purchased by a department directly

Bjorn is an amazing dog.  He has grown up with a family with several dogs and kids.  Bjorn is an excellent protection dog, he is continuing to improve his ability to compete in bite work sports.  Bjorn has begun competing in Rally (however AKC is virtual and his runs are pending).  His obedience both on and off leash are exceptional.  Serious ball, tug, and prey drive.  No doubt he would be place highly in any bite work, obedience, or agility sport.

Bjorn is a serious dog.  While a dedicated handler could keep him happy in sport work he would prefer a job.  His handler focus and dedication to his "family" and protective instincts are high.  Bjorn would shine the most with finished police apprehension work and developing his ball drive into detection work.

Sire: Leroy Pod Cvilinem

Dam: Xana Abella

AKC Rally Leg #1 Video

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