Krystal Inman BSA, DOT/I

Krystal Inman is the President and co-owner of Blue Ridge Canine.  She's been working with animals for more than 15 years and started her career as a veterinary assistant and pet sitter.  After graduating Murray State University with a major in Animal Health Technology she followed her passion into canine behavior and training.  On top of owning her own business she worked as a contract trainer for the Kentucky Humane Society, worked for Animal Resorts & Training/Protection Dog Sales in Goshen, KY and completed the Dog Obedience Training/Instructor course from Penn Foster. 

Since moving back to Northern Virginia Krystal has titled dogs in AKC CGC, CD, and Rally obedience and is now an AKC CGC Evaluator.  She spent 16 weeks taking Michael Ellis' demanding online Principles of Dog Training I course through Leerburg Online University.  She continues her education watching training videos and seminars, reading text, and talking with other trainers.

Krystal has been accepted to attend Bergin University and obtain a Master's in Human-Canine Life Studies which focuses on training and working with service dogs.  

In her spare time Krystal enjoys spending time with her husband Kris, 4 year old son Konnor, and 9 month old daughter Kayley.  Personally Krystal has a 10 year old beagle/border collie mix Lucy, a 3 year old Labrador Retriever service dog Elske, a labrador retriever puppy named Chevy, a guinea pig, and a betta fish.  She takes time to go hiking, canoeing, fishing, and seeing a good movie now and then.

Alexa Hood
Head Dog Trainer

Alexa has been working with dogs for over 5 years.  She started her career out dog walking and quickly worked her way over to doggie daycare.  Working at a doggie daycare she met Krystal and started a dog trainer apprenticeship working with her.  For 2 years Alexa worked to learn about canine psychology, training methods, and behavior modification. 

Once she completed the apprenticeship Alexa worked as a dog trainer and became an AKC CGC Evaluator teaching classes, private lessons, and training boarding school dogs.  Alexa is now part-owner of Blue Ridge Canine and working with Krystal to help develop a top notch training facility in the NOVA area.  

When not training dogs Alexa enjoys spending time with her two children Jaydon and Maliyah.  She goes hiking with her family and friends and loves trips to the beach.  

Brittany Wilkinson
Dog Trainer

Brittany Wilkinson is such an amazing person!  She has so much passion for working with dogs that need help which is why we are so lucky to have her joining the team at Blue Ridge Canine.  She services the Maryland community offering board and train, private lessons, and group classes through Sunchaser Kennels in Union Bridge, MD right outside Fredrick, MD.

Brittany has two amazing dogs Boomer and Buddy who travel all around with her.  If you're looking for an up and coming trainer that can get you to where your dog can travel any where with you Brittany is your go to!  

We have so many wonderful things planned for Brittany's training.  This girl even has her own business as a photographer!  I'm sure our photos will get an amazing upgrade with her mad skills!

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