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Let Me Open the Door About Life at Blue Ridge Canine!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

We've been dedicated to every dog and pup that has come through our gates (we are a beautiful farm after all!). Now get some behind the scenes on our daily lives, the joys, challenges, and life of a canine coach!

A Day In the Life

6:00am starts our day with getting ready!

6:30am each dog gets our for their potty break and some quick play time.

7:00am start breakfast (their favorite part of the morning!)

8:00am the dogs are getting some play time in after tummies have settled from breakfast and we are on it to get the kennel cleaned up (we use Simple Green a very safe product - no harsh chemicals here!)

9:30am we are ready to begin working with the pups to further their education on proper manners, life skills, and training!

10:00am to 4:00pm Dogs and pups are in and out for playtimes and work

4:30pm it's chow time again!

6:00pm last big play time of the evening and a bit more cleaning!

8:00pm each dog and pup gets some one on one time outside to potty before bed time

8:30pm everyone (even us!) are worn out and ready for bed, but first a biscuit for each dog and pup before lights out for the night!

Fun Facts About Us

1. We have no indoor/outdoor runs at our kennel and this means every fur baby gets attention every time they go out to potty or play.

2. Our floors are not polished epoxy concrete but 3/4" rubber floors so dogs have nice soft flooring to be on when inside.

3. We wait an hour (puppies are an exception) before taking dogs out to potty after meals to reduce the risk of bloat from exercise on a full belly.

4. Nearly every day of the week every dog gets a Kong that has been frozen with some canned food that matches their regular diet to enjoy (some days we are too busy having fun outside in the nice weather).

5. Speaking of weather we follow safety guidelines related to heat, cold, and severe weather to ensure every dog is monitored and safety protocols are discussed.

6. With dogs living on the Inman Family Farm any severe weather is closely monitored so that in the event of severe weather we implement our safety plans in case of major snow, power outages, heavy rains, or strong winds.

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