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Adoptable Dogs!

Our Adoptable Dogs

We have adoptable dogs available from time to time for a variety of reasons. Not all service dog candidates make it through our training process and are better suited for companion homes, sports, or other jobs. As part of our small breeding program for service dogs we "retire" our dogs at a much earlier age so they can enjoy everything life has to offer or they may not meet all of our requirements to enter the program. We also assist with occasional private rescue cases and may take in a rescue dog, assist in fostering, or rehabilitating a dog in need.

Knight - available for adoption


Knight is a 2 year old male Labrador Retriever. He is very active, crate trained (but requires a special crate), current on his vaccines, and will be adopted on a neuter contract. Knight has some started obedience but will need training with his new family. He is confident, friendly with most other dogs he has met, will chase cats but should be trainable with dog savvy cat homes. Knight has a genetic marker that means later in life his vision might be impacted. For this we are looking for a special home for Knight, someone who will be able to keep life stable for him if he develops vision loss. He would love to have a dog friend in his new home or an active family!

Dexter - ADOPTED


Belgian Malinois

Adopted to a working program as a single purpose detection dog.

Thunder - ADOPTED

thunder tongue out_edited.jpg

Thunder was adopted in partnership with Worthy Dog Rescue!

Iduna - available for adoption

Iduna Dock Diving 9_22.jpg

Iduna is a 2 year old female Labrador Retriever. She is a PRA2 carrier but not affected. We were hoping to bring Iduna into our breeding program but she has extremely high ball drive that exceeds what we look for in service dog candidates. She could possibly be a great addition to a hunting or detection program. While she has started some basic obedience she has not been extensively worked. Iduna does love the water and has practiced but not competed in dock diving. She LOVES it! Very active girl, crate trained, current on vaccines, intact (never bred) can go on a spay contract, food drive, loves to work, enjoys spending time with her people! She can be a bit dog selective. She has never been in an altercation but will correct a nosey, pushy dog or puppy! Very high drive and would not recommend in a home with cats or birds (loose chickens included).


Bjorn Running.JPG

Belgian Malinois

Adopted to a working home.


Tank laying down with ball.jpg

Tank retired from our breeding program and is living the best life with an amazing family! We get regular updates and love when he comes to visit while his new family is out of town!