Our Doggie Moms & Dads

Great Puppies Have Great Parents!

All of the dogs in our service dog breeding program receive the best care we can provide!  These proud parents are part of the family and live with us on our family farm or with loving families of their own!

Becoming a doggie parent with Blue Ridge Canine requires a lot of work!  This means health testing, temperament testing, and bringing more love into the world!


Why Labrador Retrievers?

For generations Labrador Retrievers have won the hearts of millions of families and for great reason too!  Labrador Retrievers have spend generations working closely with people as hunting dogs, service dogs, police dogs, search and rescue, and bringing love and tail wags into our homes.

Our Labrador Retrievers love working and spending time with us.  They are easy to train and willing to work for praise, treats, to play ball, anything that includes spending time with their people.  They make wonderful companions.  Some of our Labs are happy napping around the house and snuggling all day, others enjoy daily games of fetch, learning sports, or working every day with their handler.

Meet the Parents

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